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The Best Way to Predict the Future Is to Build it.



A member of dnaunion

Four Mind becomes a part of the dnaunion family, underlining both parties’ positive outlook for the Iranian marketing and advertising market.



The market is volatile and unpredictable.

Times are complicated: Both the economic situation, and the fast-changing market context. The latter is a challenge anywhere in the world, but it is even more one in Iran, a country with a young population, a high tech affinity, and a country of rapid development.

In the economic climate, we’re all facing, too many resorts to pessimism. Too many remain passive and wait for something to improve. Many hide, rather than fight. They retreat, rather than stand their ground.

While we agree that the times are challenging, even difficult – we don’t find that pessimism is helping anyone. It’s in difficult times that the strong can show their character, that the brave can innovate, that markets are reshuffled, old truths shattered, and markets are shaped. It’s the time for those who believe, for those who see the opportunity in difficulties. “Two men look through the same window. One sees the mud, one sees the stars.”



the vision dnaunion and Four Mind share

The external forces are there. It doesn’t help to whine or to complain. We have to deal with what there is and make the best of it, turn the challenge into opportunities.This is the vision dnaunion and Four Mind share. The belief that now is as good a time as any to make bold moves, to step up, to grow, to improve, and most of all to remain optimistic and active, to get stronger and better.





Four Mind is a very competitive agency, has adapted well to the crisis, and has created a clear development vision and plan, only in this market climate it’s difficult to make the steps necessary alone. When the times are tough, we’re better off together. This allows freeing resources for everyone to concentrate on what they are best at. We are a communications company, we help our clients shape their image and sell their products. This is what we do, and we have a plan for how to do it better in the future than ever before.

dnaunion is first and foremost a holding that owns numerous businesses in the industry, creates synergies and mutual benefits, and brings the market’s top people together. It believes in FM’s vision and has the ability to make it come true – in the team, the company, the values.Also for dnaunion, we are stronger together. We can move more, impact more, shape more, learn more. All of us, from each other.

shape the market further

Four Mind needs and gets a partner to help it realize its vision and plan, to help it be more ready for future challenges, to support it in its business and financial decisions. A partner who is very strong at running a business, so that we can focus on doing our part: Creating communication solutions that positively impact our clients both in the short term and in the long run.

dnaunion buys into Four Mind’s vision, believes in the company, the team, the potential. It shows to the market that now is not a time for pessimism, but for action. And that it’s better to team up and use bigger synergies in a holding than to struggle alone.

We are determined to shape the market further, to be a positive force in it, strengthen our agencies’ positions to strengthen their clients’ positions.

Four Mind’s clients get the same agency, but with even more ability, more concentration on its core business, more knowledge, more synergies outside. Four Mind continues to operate an independent agency, but now with a powerful backend

create an ecosystem of marketing and advertising

dnaunion continues its mission to bring the strongest agencies in the country into its family to create something that’s far more than the sum of its parts. To create an ecosystem of marketing and advertising knowledge, skills, insight, and synergy. Adding Four Mind to the family is a loud sign to the market that we are by no means in doubt about the future of the Iranian market. That we continue to invest, to build, to grow, because we believe in what we do, and we know we make a difference.

In the first months, we will learn from each other as much as we can, do joint events, introduce each other properly, and learn more about knowledge synergies and how they can best be used to make all dnaunion agencies as well as Four Mind even stronger.



The conference

In summer, we plan a conference in which we bring together local and foreign experts to talk about strategies to cope with volatile market situations, increase organizational agility and flexibility, and steer a business through challenging times.

At the same conference, we will present our development plan “Transformation 2021” which helps us deal with agility and flexibility in a volatile market environment, but also with the complexities of a fast-changing and diversifying media landscape and rapid changes in customer behavior

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