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Four Mind Teams up with Be&Do


As a part of its mission to bring more specialized services under a common roof to our clients, Four Mind teams up with the global strategy consultancy Be&Do. Four Mind and Be&Do enter a strategic alliance, effectively immediately, to bring specialized strategic consultancy services to Iran.

To get brands to both make the right promises and deliver on them, we provide services ranging from Brand Strategy and Experience Design to crafting Campaign Strategy together with Creative Concepts, advising on Product & Service Development, and running Innovation Workshops. Sometimes we are also called on to do Trend ResearchBrand Research or to perform Brand Auditing separately.

The agreement was finetuned and concluded after all three shareholders of Be&Do visited Tehran in spring. Be&Do takes over a part of Four Mind, and at the same time Four Mind becomes a partner in Be&Do’s Middle Eastern operations. To facilitate the integration and effective teamwork, Be&Do partner Rene Fischer will move to Tehran to oversee strategy and business development with Four Mind, while Four Mind founder Farid Shokrieh will become Managing Director of Be&Do in the Middle East.



The new partnership brings together the local knowledge and track record of four Mind with the globally innovative services of a new-era strategy consultancy that focuses on increasing its clients business value, and is set up in an entirely different and far more integrated way than such partnerships usually are. Both Farid and Rene point out that such alliances are often not equal partnerships, and come with significant misunderstandings and unaligned expectations from both sides. This particular deal not only brings the two companies together as equal partners, but even integrates key functions inside both companies with each other. A set-up like this is unprecedented and definitely not the way M&A usually take place – instead of piles of agreements followed by equally impressive amounts of misunderstandings, the two sides took the time to get to know each other from inside out and build personal relationships and trust that cannot be created by agreements. Or, as Farid and Rene say it: The best way for leading Iranian enterprises to become better connected to the world again, and the best way for foreign companies to enter a complex market like Iran, is to move the relationship to a human level of mutual trust and respect, and a shared vision of the future.



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