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Uncertainty in Supply Chain

About Webinar

In the ninth webinar, we want to talk about uncertainty in the supply chain and the decision-making process is difficult and critical situations.
Uncertainty is an inevitable factor in today’s world. Political, economic, and social crises in recent years, as well as the global outbreak of coronavirus, have profoundly affected various businesses. To survive, businesses have to accept and change in the face of short-term and long-term crises, and the supply chain, as an effective decision-making process and helping to sustain the successful lives of businesses, must be tolerated. And be carefully reviewed and considered.
We know very well that engineering knowledge, data, systems, and algorithms are key players in the supply chain process, but in the current crisis, we are faced with the question of whether these tools meet all the required dimensions?
What solutions can be provided for better decision making given all the uncertainties available?
What is the role of humans in the dynamics of decision making in the supply chain?

Farid Shokrieh

Managing Director
Four Mind Advertising Agency

He has gone through many cultural and sociological challenges in Iran, and over time learned how to develop and educate his team to be able to provide premium communication services to large multinational clients.
He has presented his model of leadership in the new world requirement in Brave World Conference in Europe and at TEDxTehran; he has now dedicated his time to explore the new world order and contribute his findings as to the know-how to the Iran market and business ecosystem to control damage and recover from the Covid-19 crisis.


Planning Manager
Unilever Iran

Mohammad Hossein Hosseinpour is a graduate of Industrial Engineering with a master’s degree and a Ph.D. student in the same field in the field of project planning and management. He began his career in the automotive industry and has experience working in the food, cosmetics, healthcare industries as well as consulting management systems.

His interest in the supply chain has encouraged him to gain experience of various fields such as material and demand planning, project control, quality assurance, customer service, and strategic management. Along the way, he has focused his scientific research on the supply chain, which led to the publication of articles in the field of “supply chain uncertainty.”
He is currently planning Manager of Unilever Iran.


General Manager
Bel Rouzaneh Dairy Co

Negar Sedghi Born in Tehran Iran in 1975, Negar completed her graduate studies at Institut Franco American de Management (IFAM) in Paris in the field of Marketing in 1998. After a traineeship program to earn professional experience, she continued her studies at Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto and obtained an MBA degree with dual specialization in the fields of Finance and Strategy in 2003.

She started her career in the banking industry at the TD Canada Trust Bank in Toronto as an analyst in branch network strategies and progressed to Manager Market Strategies. She then moved to the Branch Management program and managed a number of branches.

In 2007, she joined Tetra Pak – Global Packaging Company – in Iran as Marketing Manager. In 2009, she took a short-term assignment at Tetra Pak Korea as a Category Manager. She was promoted to Marketing Director in Iran in 2010. She moved to Dubai in 2012 as Portfolio Deployment Director for the Greater Middle East region.

In 2014, Negar joined Bel – a French origin multinational dairy company – as Marketing Director in Iran. Her role was expanded in 2016 to cover Turkey Greater Area. She has been instrumental in the brand and growth strategies of these markets. Since July 2018, she leads Bel Iran (Bel Rouzaneh) as its General Manager, managing an organization of 400 team members at three sites with a turn-over of over 30 million Euros.

Negar is passionate about the topics of integrative thinking, change management, leadership and innovation.

On top of her professional career, Negar has a passion for literature and has translated & published a number of books from French to Persian.

More Info
Location : Tehran
Date: 19 May 2020
Time: 21pm-22pm
Link: Adobe Connect

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