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Social responsibility: The main link in the value chain of businesses

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In the 2nd episode of the 2nd season of Ahead Sessions, together with Shahin Tabari, the founder of Chargoon Company, we talked about social responsibility and its importance in creating value for businesses. Just as the continued growth of a business is closely related to the amount of ultimate value created, can “social responsibility value” be the key link in a business value creation chain? What is corporate social responsibility and how can we be effective in creating positive social change with a responsible attitude?

Farid Shokrieh

Managing Director
Four Mind Advertising Agency

He has gone through many cultural and sociological challenges in Iran, and over time learned how to develop and educate his team to be able to provide premium communication services to large multinational clients.
He has presented his model of leadership in the new world requirement in Brave World Conference in Europe and at TEDxTehran; he has now dedicated his time to explore the new world order and contribute his findings as to the know-how to the Iran market and business ecosystem to control damage and recover from the Covid-19 crisis.

shahin tabari

Founder & CEO
Chargoon Company

Shahin Tabari was born in 1974 in Tehran and graduated in mechanical engineering and is an expert in software production. He is the founder of Chargoon Company and is currently the chairman of the board of directors of this company. Shahin was the previous chairman of the Software Commission of the Tehran Province Trade Union Organization, and in addition, as a professional athlete in the field of health and sports, he has a continuous and effective presence. Also in the field of health software, the company has established sustainable health solutions and is currently working as the CEO of the company. Shahin Tabari Social activities started in 2001 as one of the founders of Hamgam Charity Group and continue to this day.


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