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This webinar is an opportunity for us to have a conversation about the creativity in advertising. In the current world, the most important forms of media have changed shape and in a fast and loose manner, digital media are pushing out traditional forms of media. Now the wedge between publishing a piece of content and audience interaction is inching closer to minutes, if not seconds. With fast pace change in media communication, can we argue that creativity as we know it is coming to an end? Can traditional creative teams continue working with the antiquated structures? What are the characteristics of creative people in the new media? And how do time and place affect the performance of the creative people?

Farid Shokrieh

Managing Director

He has gone through many cultural and sociological challenges in Iran, and over time learned how to develop and educate his team to be able to provide premium communication services to large multinational clients.
He has presented his model of leadership in the new world requirement in Brave World Conference in Europe and at TEDxTehran; he has now dedicated his time to explore the new world order and contribute his findings as the know-how to the Iran market and business ecosystem to control damage and recover from the the Covid-19 crisis.

Omid Balaghati

Creative Manager

Omid Balaghati is a graduate of TV and Cinema. He is a director and documentarian. Omid started his career in journalism by writing for many newspapers like, Etemad, Shargh, HamMihan, Herfeh Honarmand, Andishe Pooya, Mehrnameh, Asema, Tajrobeh, Film, Donyay Tasvir and others.
Omid has also worked as an assistant director, editor, writer, and director in the Iran Cinema. He has published two books titled respectively; Nameh Haye Haraman (Nakoja Publication), and Khordad Haye Paeezi (Herfeh Mand Publication).
Omid has been working in advertising for more than a decade now, and has worked as a copywriter, and creative director in many advertising campaigns. He has collaborated with Nimad, Hadaf Nahay and others companies and is now the creative director at Eshareh advertising agency.

More Info
Location : Tehran
Date: 23 April 2019
Time: 20pm-21pm
Link: Adobe Connect

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