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New Narration: Survive or Grow?

About Webinar

In the tenth webinar, we want to talk about storytelling and its impact as one of the best tools to overcome complicated challenges in this VUCA world.
On strategies of a business in crisis, one of the main dilemmas is to go to survival mode or go for growth. Undoubtedly, deep knowledge about the different layers of a business, including its strengths and weaknesses, it’s vision, and customers, is the necessary implement to choose the best possible strategy.

With Shahrzad Esfarjani, we want to talk about the business narration, process of finding out the unique story of a business and its impact on long-term strategies. We will talk about survive & growth in the difficult times! Let’s see how a clear business story can bring clarity on

Farid Shokrieh

Managing Director
Four Mind Advertising Agency

He has gone through many cultural and sociological challenges in Iran, and over time learned how to develop and educate his team to be able to provide premium communication services to large multinational clients.
He has presented his model of leadership in the new world requirement in Brave World Conference in Europe and at TEDxTehran; he has now dedicated his time to explore the new world order and contribute his findings as to the know-how to the Iran market and business ecosystem to control damage and recover from the Covid-19 crisis.

shahrzad esfarjani

Brand Story Teller
Esfarjani & Partners Co.

Shahrzad Esfarajani is famous for her impact on the evolution of art and industry of packaging in Iran which goes back to 1987. She started her professional work in Carpi Co., which provided her a platform for innovations as a company with modern perspectives. In Iran, in the 90s, during the post-war period, the economy was weak and not ready to respond to Shahrzad’s ideas, especially in the art of packaging. In those days when people could be disappointed or just satisfy with what they could have, Shahrzad with hard works and dedication insisted on higher standards & new ideas, and finally could successfully change the packeting industry of Iran. Shahrzad and her colleagues in Carpi, with different influential projects, are one of the most effective parts of the art and industry of advertising in Iran.
Shahrzad founded “Daarvag Advertising Agency” where she could with leadership, creativity, and agility work with major international and well-known Iranian brands to perpetuate Daarvag’s name as an international and leading agency in Iranian advertising.
In 2001, she joined Low Lints Agency Network to begin her international experience. Some of her successful projects are with Pars Online, Bank Eghtesad Novin, Talia and MTN.
Shahrzad Esfarajani’s activities are not limited to commercial advertising. About her generous social activities, we can mention the design of a communication strategy for non-governmental charities. The evolution of the value of the brand of Mahak is one of the best examples of her work, one of the other examples is her cooperation with Municipality of Tehran for “Waste Management Plan” which has been seen as one of the smartest government-related projects in recent years.

More Info
Location : Tehran
Date: 26 May 2020
Time: 21pm-22pm
Link: Adobe Connect

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