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In the 1st episode of the 2nd Season of Ahead, together with Mr. Naser Ghanemzadeh, a startup activist and CEO of NIVO, we try to learn more about new developments in startups and the characteristics of Venture Capital. It seems that in the crisis and in its economic aftershocks, as the type of successful start-ups and their futures has changed; we can see that the tastes, types, and levels of risk-taking in venture capitalist have changed, too. Let’s think together on how familiar are we with investments as a venture capitalist? How can we enter the world of venture capitalists? Can the newly emerged privet investors with high-risk appetite help the growth of new startups?

Farid Shokrieh

Managing Director
Four Mind Advertising Agency

He has gone through many cultural and sociological challenges in Iran, and over time learned how to develop and educate his team to be able to provide premium communication services to large multinational clients.
He has presented his model of leadership in the new world requirement in Brave World Conference in Europe and at TEDxTehran; he has now dedicated his time to explore the new world order and contribute his findings as to the know-how to the Iran market and business ecosystem to control damage and recover from the Covid-19 crisis.

Naser Ghanemzadeh

Nivo Startup

Naser Ghanemzadeh is the CEO of Nivo Startup; In addition, they help other startups that are shareholders by coaching and training. Prior to this, he was also in charge of the accelerator management and work environment of Finwa and provide advice to many successful Iranian startups and entrepreneurs in the field of raising capital and business development. These days, they are trying to help technology companies become professional managers — or, as they call them, “top managers” — by coaching executive coaches. Ghanemzadeh is the founder of Techly.me, which publishes news about Iranian technology and startups in English. He holds a degree in Venture Capital Unlocked from Stanford University in Silicon Valley, USA. He is also the global representative of the Lean Startup Machine event in Iran.


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