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Event Marketing if conducted correctly, can be a very strong marketing tool to associate the brand with carefully designed images based on the marketing guideline and event manual.

Four Mind has a professional team concentrating on event organizing, in three united stages:

  • Concept Design: First of we need to know what exactly we want from our event, and what our objectives are. Based on the brand's marketing guideline, the event manual is designed and proposed.
  • Pre-event: There are lots of different details that have to be taken care of carefully such as: Action plan of all the tasks that have to be done by different teams and detailed Budget Planning and Budget Management, and also Managing Suppliers and Sub-contractors who are responsible for the Event Setup, Announcements for participants, Training Participants and Rehearsals, and Advertisements for Spectators, Coordination with the Media, and all other things that must be meticulously taken care of before the event.
  • Event Execution: Executing the event requires a lot of management and leadership. Detailed Schedule (in minutes) must be written, and team members must follow the schedule carefully. Managing the spectators, and Managing Critical Situations smartly are the golden keys of a well-executed event.
  • Post-Event: Depending on the event concept, the post-event activities may differ; they may be activities such as Media Coverage Follow up, Video Editing, Multimedia CDs Designing, and Database Assortment.

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