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Brand is the image the audience have about our product/service, and brand management is the process to create and to maintain that image and to prevent deviations from the defined brand essence.

Advertisements are just one part of the company's brand management. It is the triangle of "Quality of Product/Service", "Quality of Administration", and "Quality of Public Communication" which finally creates the right image in the mind of the audience.

Neglecting the first two important qualities will lead to false promises in advertising campaigns, which soon will destroy the audience's trust.

As a result, Brand Management and Branding consultancy is located in the layer of the company's general management, not only limited to advertisements.

"Nothing will put a bad product out of business
faster than a good advertising campaign."

Morris Hite

Four Mind Branding Model


The chart below shows how Four Mind matches the company's management to conduct the branding procedure:


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