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Brand Construction: A product/service need to have an adequate image in the mind of its audience. Precise market researches with meticulous analysis gives us the right brand image which could match our client's business plan. The brand essence and brand mantra is designed, and we have a clear understanding of the brand ourselves.

Marketing Guideline: The brand needs to be consistent in the image it shows to the audience; thus, a practical marketing guideline is designed carefully to keep all the campaigns integrated.

Brand Promotion: After the right brand image for the product/service constructed on papers, the audience yet does not have any idea about it. This is where we must effectively communicate with the audience, creatively and smartly implying the brand's image in the mind of the audience.

Brand Reminder: Consistency in communication with the audience is required. Gaining advantages of a well-defined the marketing guideline, other advertising agencies everywhere around the world can integrate and adapt their campaigns to the original brand essence, which reinforces the impact of all advertisements.

Adaptations and Localizations: Expanding the brand image in new societies require the campaigns to adapt themselves to the societies are going to be exposed to which is in fact, foreseen in the marketing guideline in the early stages of brand construction.

Semiological View to Branding


Sociologists who had concentrated on Cultural Studies and basically Semiology and Semiotics during 1950's, had researches and essays on cultural signs: how something like a product, action, place, etc. gets its an image in the sub-consciousness of the society, and how using it conveys a connotation beyond the its function.

The example of a "Cap" is a textbook illustration of the idea discussed above. A cap's primary function is to avoid the sun's light to distract the eyes; however, when it is used indoor in a party at night, it is indeed no longer functional. In fact, in this case, it is a signifier which signifies an unwritten arbitrariness in the society's sub-conscience, a "culture" which conveys to which society the user of the cap belongs, which may differ from one society to another based on the different events they have been exposed to. A society which has mostly been exposed to tennis games may have a different feeling toward the image of the cap (and therefore the image of the cap-user) in comparison with the another society which has been exposed to DJs wearing caps in a reverse way!

Further semiological researches discuss that users show a greater tendency to use the sign, the culture installed on a products, rather than its basic function.

This is where our view to branding emerges:


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